Inspirational Art

I love pictures and the stories they tell. Some of the images shown here make me think of the Circus of Marvels and the hidden world they protect, whilst the others are just too good not to share.


The artists who let me showcase their art here, didn't make them for me but were kind enough to let me share their fantastic work with you.


Click on the images to see them in all their glorious detail and let them tell you their own story.



steampunk airship

Just look at the amazing detail in this Airship by Jerome Pourchier - truly AMAZING! 

I nearly fell over when I saw these. If you've read the book you'll know why - just astounding design and 3D work by Adam Bedrrossian.

These really are works of art by the amazing Angelique Shelley

Believable, beautiful and exquisite. You can see more of her wonderful work by clicking here.

Vladimir Petkovic does insanely good work and I had to force myself to only show the images that match the themes of the book.

Kinga Britschgi creates such dreamy worlds I could lose myself in these pictures for days, You can see more of her amazing work by clicking here

There were simply too many of Jan Boruta's outstanding airship designs to show, a truly talented and inspiring individual.

These beautiful pictures by Sugarmints are amazing, each one tells a different story and I wish she would turn them into films -BEAUTIFUL! you can see more of her wonderful worlds here