Ava Sorrell, age 9  for lovereadingforkids.co.uk
"Ned's Circus of Marvels’ is an exciting and scary book that after you begin, you will not want to put it down. "
Noah Hall, age 10 for lovereadingforkids.co.uk
"I’ve never read anything quite like ‘Ned’s Circus of Marvels’. I think it is a brilliant book. If you like ‘The Edge Chronicles’, or Artemis Fowl books, you definitely need to pick up this book and read it."
Phoenix Williams, age 8  for lovereadingforkids.co.uk
"It made me laugh, cry, worry and get VERY impatient! I could read this book any day, any year. Would give 5 stars. One of the best books that I have read in my life. "
Ross O'Gorman, age 9 for lovereadingforkids.co.uk
"I loved this book because it was a complete page turner. I was really willing Ned on to succeed in his mission. I would definitely recommend this book to lovers of fantasy and I hope that there will be another adventure for Ned soon. "


Tariq Mustafa, age 10  for lovereadingforkids.co.uk
"The reason I liked the book was because it was so action packed you feel you have to read on. You can't stop without reading from cover to cover   - the author makes you feel like you are really there, like a book should. "
Sam Harper, age 11  for lovereadingforkids.co.uk
"‘Ned’s Circus of Marvels’ took me on a thrilling, magical adventure and I loved every minute of it. George, the polite gorilla, was a great character and I really liked the fantastical creatures, especially the scary ones!  "
Caye Gould  for lovereadingforkids.co.uk
"A compelling read, keeping you wanting to know what happens next. The fantastic story line has many twists and turns and you are taken into another world. "
Mrs C S C on amazon.co.uk
"Every page has a cliff hanger, pretty much, it's really interesting, lots of excitement. Lots of very good characters, a good explanation of what Ned has to do and why it's so important. It's to do with Ancient Greek myths and it's really cool and amazing. "
Christina W on amazon.co.uk
"An absolutely brilliant book - Justin Fisher is the next J K Rowling! I bought this for my 10 year old niece who raced through it, her 8 year old brother is now reading it and is equally entranced. I have now bought it for myself and can't put it down. The best book I've read in years - I already can't wait for the sequels. "
Camilla on amazon.co.uk
"If you're looking for a book to take away this summer with the family then look no further. Both my 8 and 10 year old nephews were gripped by this page turner. Wonderful prose, beautiful storytelling & characters to fire the imagination of even the most reluctant of readers. Fantastic!"
Amazon customer on amazon.co.uk
"So I bought this book last week as we were looking for something to read to our 6-year old boy, and it looked fun.
It is absolutely gripping! From the very start - parts light and funny, sad and poignant, dark and sinister. He is absolutely hooked. We've not made it to the end yet, but will be sure to update the review when we find out what happens. Hope there are going to be more.....as Victoria Beckham once said 'always be the first to follow a trend' :)  "