The Circus

Werewolves, fire genies and clockwork spies await Ned behind the Veil. In the world of the hidden, he'll soon discover with the aid of the Circus of Marvels that nothing he thinks he knows about the world at large or even his own family is true.


Be sure to click on the TOP SECRET link in the menu to find out more - in the meantime a few interesting morsels here about the roots of all circus', where they get their names from and what they're really up to!


Why do trapeze artists walk on a high wire hundreds of feet in ther air, without a harness?


Why would a lion tamer even think about putting their head in a lions mouth?


Why Juggle fire or swallow swords?




Read below for the circus' historical bloody past...


Questions that matter













What if their enormous empire stumbled upon real creatures, creatures terrifying enough to need more than regularly trained soldiers?


The same traditions of death defying stunts, be they the swallowing of swords, high wire acrobatics or the breathing of fire hide an entirely different purpose. At the Circus of Marvels its troupe of oddities and freaks must train constantly to protect the world from creatures that they know as 'Darklings'. Creatures that to this day terrorise from the forgotten shadows of the world.


And how do you fight mythological creatures with magical powers?


With the very same thing.

The Circus Maximus in Rome seated 250,000 spectators. By contrast todays Chelsea football stadium at Stamford Bridge seats 41,798. Many stadiums for Gladitorial games were built over the centuries and the Colosseum which opened in 80AD and pictured right still stands in Rome today.


There were many types of performances, from chariot races,  to gladitorial fights and on some occasions the stadiums were even filled with water to stage naval battles.



The highest paid athlete alive is Tiger Woods who's career earnings to date are in the region of over 1 billion dollars, but the highest paid athlete of all time was an ancient Roman charioteer named Gaius Appuleius Diocles who earned the equivolent of 15 billion dollars in just 24 years!

Ancient Rome

At its height the Roman Empire spanned from the north of England right across the Mediterranean to Egypt and Turkey. This vast civilisation had to be divided into two individually run empires - East and West. The western empire governed from Rome, ruled for over 500 years and the Eastern empire whose base was in Constantinople - now Istanbul in Turkey, ruled for a staggering 1475 years.


For many centuries the Romans staged gladiatorial fights for the entertainement of its people. These were brutal and bloody contests in which thousands died.


The breadth of the Roman Empire meant that fighters from all over the world came to train as Gladiators, some against their will and others for glory.


But what if there was another purpose?


What if there was a secret, more terrifying reason that these bands of men and often women were asked to hone their skills as warriors to perfection?


The Circus of Marvels tells that story and how the ancient Circus' descendants still carry out that secret mission even to this day.


During the rise and fall of the Roman empire, its citizens commonly believed in what we know of today as Mythological beasts and monsters. But what if they weren't myths?