Covering up the whereabouts of Nessie has been a constant problem for circus operatives and the below image was taken from Loch Linnhe, Fort William. The scuba diver was able to take the image on one of the many occasions that it was necessary to move the beast to stop her nesting grounds from being discovered. The below statement was taken from a Mr A G-R who had apparently seen the creature from his hill at around the same time as the scuba diver in question.

SCOTLAND, FORT WILLIAM - subject - 'Nessie'

'I was just checking my new tracks when I saw movement in the water. It was no boat, or sub, but a beast. It came up and then 'blup' dove straight down again as though hunting for food.'


As with the Wyvern the sightings came to an abrubt halt on the arrival of the Circus of Marvels. The two incidents took place more than thirty years apart and yet both reports describe the Ringmaster - a Mr Benissimo, as a man in his late forties. How is this possible?


Mr Owl

On behalf of the B.B.B

The attached documents were aquired by our agents and clearly prove that the Circus of Marvels activity  is being watched by the outside world. This will need to be monitored closely if we are to continue our vital mission unhindered. By clicking on the evidence you will see that they already have photographic proof that our world exists. Though much of the police report has been blacked out, we have the following transcript of their findings below.

'Numerous reports suggest sightings of what the locals refer to as a 'Wyvern' in the cornish countryside. The mangled body of an amateur photographer was found in 2011 after a particularly heavy storm. The attached photos were taken from his camera.


All we know is this. The sightings of the Wyvern's stopped with the arrival of the Circus of Marvels. This is not the only incident of its like and we will  be compiling evidence of similar sightings with the circus' movements shortly.'


Mr Fox

On behalf of the B.B.B


ENGLAND, CORNWALL - subject - 'Wyvern'


This photograph was taken in 1912 near the border of one of our largest reserves in Siberia. The russian soldiers who took the image could not have known that the creature was in fact one of our wardens. The sighting was later passed off as a hoax, though one name did unfortunately come up in their account.

'The creature did not attack us, but seemed to be following our movements with interest. At one point it appeared to nod in a gesture that seemed almost friendly, before dissapearing back into the night.


Several days later a westener came to ask questions. He was a strange man, mid-forties maybe - and he went by the name of,  'Benissimo'. 


This information came to us several decades after the fact and quite by chance. Even so the link is quite clear.


Mr Vole

On behalf of the B.B.B

RUSSIA, SIBERIA - subject - 'Weir'

To make matters worse one of our charmed tickets was obtained by a member of the B.B.B. whilst we were touring France. Said agent proceeded to gain access to the circus during one of our performances. The below transcript was recorded shortly after. 

'Our sources were correct. As promised the fog surrounding the circus miraculously dissapeared when we had the ticket in hand, observations before we were chased out of their compound as follows;


None of the attendents either performing or otherwise were local to the area and all dressed in similarly strange garb.


On close inspection, we question whether those present were actually even human.


There were displays of what we can only explain as being...well, magic. And by magic I do not mean the pulling of rabbits out of hats.


The cages of the circus appeared empty and yet from them came the most hideous smells and sounds, as though some terrifying beasts were being held against their wills.'


Mr Badger

On behalf of the B.B.B.